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Wednesday, February 10, 2016 - Population Growth Still Strong

The latest population estimates from Statistics Canada show that Alberta’s two large metros grew by more than 65,000 people between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015. At 2.4 per cent, Calgary and Edmonton tied for second spot on the list of fastest growing Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs) in the country.

Average growth across all CMAs was 1.2 per cent. Thunder Bay, Peterborough, Saguenay, Sudbury, and Saint John are the five CMAs that saw a reduction in population.

The economic slump has slowed the inflow of both international and interprovincial migrants to Edmonton and Calgary. As a result, their growth rates are down from the previous year. Growth in 2013-14 was 3.5 per cent in both.

Taking a longer view, Calgary and Edmonton have grown by 47.2 per cent and 41.7 per cent since 2001—the fastest growth rates in the country. This translates into 462,000 new Calgarians and 401,000 new Edmontonians over that last decade and a half.

In terms of overall size, Calgary and Edmonton are the fourth and fifth largest CMAs in the country, respectively, and are two of Canada’s six CMAs with populations over one million. With the economic slump continuing into 2016, growth in the two cities will likely continue to slow but still remain among the strongest in the country.*


*Courtesy of Rob Roach, ATB Financial

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